Back to Detroit

Detroit is home! In between traveling, coming back home is the best part. It’s nothing like sleeping in your own bed, driving my own car and of course being around my favorite loved ones!

While the sun was hot in Michigan. My girlfriend friend Chrissy and I went kayaking. We spent the day on the water. Going with the flow. Paddling up steam and letting the waves bring us back down. Its peaceful to enjoy nature.

My bestfriend Erin (@_iamdjrue) is a DJ in the city of Detroit. Anytime she has a gig. I’m usually there to support. I’m here cheerleader! So when I heard she was spinning at this bar. I couldn’t wait to attend. I surprised her when I came back from one of my trips. It’s always good to see her face!!!

TACO TUESDAY! Tequila shots & Tacos at Bakersfield Restaurant. Extremely cool spot, indoor/outdoor patio seating. Very tasty tacos! 🎶A few bottles on the table, a few waters. It ain’t a secret, baby, everybody saw us.🎵 -Drake

Slingshot Rides in the city! My boyfriend Kenny owns a Polaris Slingshot. We love the summer time breeze while out & about! We take a ride through downtown. Where you’ll see some of Detroit’s greatest spots. GM Renaissance Center, Sweet Water Tavern, LCA( Detroit Pistons & Red Wings Stadium), and The Fox Theatre. Just to name a few. Comment if you see a few other places I didn’t name.

The Music Hall host one of the summers hottest parties! It’s a rooftop club called 3Fifty Terrace. After riding around the city we stop up there to listen to music, have a drink and smoke hookah with friends. Then fly around Campus Martius to see the city lights!

Detroit is a very historical. Especially being the largest city in the state of Michigan. Founded in 1701. In the 60s Detroit had riots over civil rights matters. Detroit was well positioned to take advantage of the emergence of automobile manufacturing at the start of the 20th century.

Summer Sundaze we like to stroll through Blues in the park. -if we aren’t on the boat. Check out BoatLife Vlog⚓️- It’s an open park, to listen to jazz music, grab a bite to eat off the food trucks and admire all the motorcycles, slingshots, plus classic cars. It’s a site to see especially when you’re in a bright orange slingshot! We grab a drink and roll slow.

My bestfriend Erins birthday was one I couldn’t miss. I was late af, but it’s better late than never. We hung out at Ray’s Boom Boom Room located in Eastpointe, MI. The turn up was so real.

Sweetest Day, My boyfriend and I went to a black owned outdoor eatery. EastEats located on the east side of detroit. It was a romantic evening with friends in Igloos with tacos and champagne!

The turn up was real for my friends daughter birthday. She celebrated her 21st birthday at Society. Which is a black owned club, near the Detroit river. They popped bottle on top of bottle with more bottles! I love standing on people’s furniture, it’s an Atlanta habit I picked up.

Date Night! Kenny & I went to a restaurant in the heart of Eastern Market. They had a live pianist. We enjoy dating even though we have been together for years now.

When Michigan starts getting cold. We watch football at a friends house near the fire pit. Shots galore!

Big dawg Oliver (@o_dog2) birthday. We had to drink the oil. Nothing like a house party at the Que House.

We rolled through Greektown during Covid, wasn’t much going on. Usually, it’s packed with cars and people. Hope you enjoyed these clips. I love home.

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