Traveling during “The Rona” Atlanta Vlog

Traveling during “The Rona”

It started by helping Madison my younger niece move into her college dorm. This was right before “The Rona” shut the world down. We went to a black owned restaurant near Madison school. The Original Hot Dog Factory, owned by a Detroiter. Linked with Ericka aka Ajanae -@erickaajanae- for drinks at “The W” First time going to TogGolf! I’ve been playing since a little girl. So it was nice, getting back into the swing of things. First time ever going hiking up Stone Mountain. The whole family went! We all made it to the top. You can see both major cities at once from the top of the mountain. Definitely something different.

Then took a road trip back to Georgia for a real OG Allante -@ohhey_doll- 30th birthday party (30shades of pink), we stayed at two locates. The Airbnb was nice but dirty so we packed up and stayed at The Sheraton Downtown. Which was much cleaner. We ran into a Black Lives Matter protest while walking around parts of the city. Tons of partying, drinking & laughter! I believe this was one of her better birthdays. I’ve known Allante since I was a child. So hanging as an adult was definitely a TURNUP! Minus one thing, but we progress! We drove back home days later. Just for me to turn back around…

My little sister Brielle aka Breezy was visiting our older sister Loreal in Georgia for two weeks during the summer. I surprised Breezy & Ryleigh, my youngest niece. We went to Piedmont Park, rode Bird scooters around the park. Of course, I had to run into my niece Ajanae we did dinner and partied until the cow came home. Literally!

My bestfriend Liz -@byondmeasure_- came to visit me from Charlotte. Since it’s only a few hours drive. We got an Airbnb near Atlantic Station. Tried on a new swimsuit, swim wear by @iconswim. The pool area was closed due to COVID-19. We had brunch & such!

I went golfing at Wolf Creek, a black owned golf course! First time playing 18 holes. Okay! I didn’t play all 18. I definitely hit a few balls. Overall I was the caddy, keeping score & moving the flag pole. Oh yeah, and pouring up shots. Made a major business deal on the course very proud!

I flew home for a few weeks & came back like I never left! My bestfriend Liz & my niece Ajanae hung out with me. We was out in them ATL streets. Between clubs, restaurants, hookah lounges & such. I even took a drink out the club. Liz & I were invited to a pool party! She wore MatteCollection & I wore Peaches & Strings. Both located on Instagram.

We also attended a 40th Tea party, for my mentor Trelles aka Lady Finance. Which later lead us to her Fancy 40th Gala! Located at this beautiful venue in the heart of Atlanta Georgia. It was an indoor/outdoor rooftop spot. You could see the whole city. Baby it was gorgeous during the nighttime. What a night to remember!! Her family from New Orleans came up to Georgia. It was so so much fun!!

I was in Georgia 9 months out of the year. Between flying down every month or driving. I was in the A. It was great to spend time with the family, friends and etc. I enjoyed the time spent with everyone.

Hope you all enjoy these clips of times I spent in Atlanta. YouTube link attached.

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