Three F’s To Live By

Some people are here for a season, and some for a reason. We decide on who comes and who goes. People will say its a “type,” honestly its only right. Undisclosed …. a TOOL! Something I created to make the decision; to keep or to delete?

We all seem to want something from our relationships, the three effs (F’s) help! Feeding, Fucking and Financing.

Easily said, every man who has crossed my path. Has been evaluated by the three effs. If you find someone who is only able to offer one out of three. Automatically Out! Time is too precious too waste. We need someone able to produce all three, goodly.

FEED: I’m a slim lady, but honey I love to eat! My significant other says “it’s cheaper to cloth her, than to feed her.” Brunch is my favorite meal of the day. Life would be boring without it. Cooking; for me is just as good as going to a restaurant and spending hundreds of dollars. Listen, my father can Chabrol a steak better than any world awarded chef. Come have a seat at the Burns Res table. You’ll be stuffed and amazed! Feed me knowledge; something I can gain or learn. I enjoy conversations. Please be knowledgeable of the topic your speaking about. Tell me something I don’t know. Inform me Sir! “Tell me something good.” Feed me, spiritual. Believe in something, anything higher than yourself. Let’s pray for each other, maybe even go to church together. Definitely being able to respect and understand each others beliefs. Feeding involves brunch, with deep illuminating conversations on a Sunday.

FUCK: DANG ME, GENTLY! We get to this part of the friendship. It tends to fall in place for everyone differently. From first dates, to 90 day rule, or a year later. Finally indulging each others bodies. Be genuine and passionate. Fucking is like Fun! In my vocabulary FUN is Friendship, Understanding and Nudity. Fucking is more than just FUN, to some! In this case, be intimate. We need our partners to understand our bodies. If you don’t know, then ask. You should always ask first! I don’t mind helping or saying no. It takes two to tango, plus Two is a Party! Three… well lets not join the crowd. Fucking involves an utopia experience. A person who can fulfill you fully and

If FUCKING is all a person can and will offer or provide. Also an automatic OUT! “thank you, next!”

FINANCE: I’m not calling all sugars to the table. Putting gas in a lady vehicle. Fixing a flat tire or topping off the windshield wiper fluid. Dinner dates, flowers, and Pandora Charms, are all generous investments! The simple and small investments make things worth your wild. Until the relationship develops into more; baecations out of the country, pearls and furs. We all deserve something! Having someone to steer you in a “better” direction. A motivator; such as financial planning for the future. Budgeting, Life Insurance and Retirement planning. Are you able to Motivate? Money is the motivation! Financing involves time well spent, investing into each other.

3 out of 3; keep keep keep. Or forget about it “You Filthy Animals!”

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